Saturday, January 5, 2013

why are we so violent?

 It is the question on all minds.what has turned us into a mass shooting,violent culture?well,some say it is television,some say movies,and others say violent games.but,i for one say bull.i am 40 and i grew up watching westerns which depicted shootouts all the time.i watched movies such as Friday the thirteenth,Halloween.some of the most violent and bloody graphic movies.i do not have any violent intentions,i don`t fell like shooting people.i also have played violent games such as resident evil,ghost recon and,no it is not that.
  So what do i think is going on?we have to look no further than the ideology we are putting in our kids are some examples,i hear people tell kids they are special.and they are until they are 16.then,they are like anyone else.they need to learn to get jobs,pay for their bills,and pay for things they want.after 16 if you think your special,you are delusional.we tell kids they are better than so-so down the street.they are kid is any better than anyone else.and no grown up is better than anyone else.all people have matter what.but the biggest mistake is that their rights are greater then everyone hear kids say it all the time,i have the right to do this ,say that.well,no you do not.if you threaten people,they should report you to the police.and no no teenager or adult has any right to lay their hands on anyone else.even if they say something you do not is called free you get pissed,get over it,everyone does.the thing we should be teaching is you have certain yourself and those around are responsible to help your are responsible to look out for your brothers and sisters.and parents are completely responsible to help and take care of small is not a never ending are responsible to your do not have the right to hurt another do not have the right to anyhting unless you paid for it.the world does not owe you anything.this is what we are not telling our kids.and they think because some tell their kids the world owes them,that they can do anything.just my thoughts.

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